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Talking About Glass

Replacing Storm-Damaged Parts Of A House

by Gaëtan Meunier

Were you caught off-guard by a storm after relocating to an area that has a completely different climate than where you moved from? If you now have to put things back in order and have a fear that the same situation might occur again in the future, be strategic about how materials are replaced. You should basically ensure that you choose materials that are designed to have the ability to withstand strong storms to a certain extent. It is also important to make sure materials are replaced in a professional manner to ensure that high-quality work is performed that will make things them more secure. The information in this article explains things that you should consider when replacing certain home building materials after a storm has struck.

Impact Doors Are Great for Stormy Regions

If the storm shattered the glass doors, replace them with ones that are more resistant to damage. Shop around for impact doors, as you should be able to find them in a variety of styles to complement your home. The perk of impact doors is that they will not shatter to pieces if debris from a storm makes contact with them. The glass will basically stay in one piece rather than shattering all over the place, although it might become damaged depending on the power of the debris. The doors are also designed such that the glass doesn't detach from the frame due to the impact of debris.

Metal Roofs Offer Satisfactory Security

It is common for roofs to get damaged during severe storms, especially if they are constructed using certain materials. For instance, a roof that has asphalt shingles on it might be left with few remaining after a strong storm passes through. If you want a more secure material to replace your roof with, opt for metal. The reason why is that metal roofing materials are less likely to get damaged during a storm, but this also depends on the quality of installation and severity of the storm. You have various design options when opting for a metal roof.

Hurricane Shutters Can Be Helpful

Did the shutters on your house get ripped off during the storm? Rather than replacing them with the same type of shutters, choose the ones that are designed for weather that has the strength of a hurricane. You can find hurricane shutters in various styles to meet your needs. The shutters are sold in different materials, but aluminum is a great option to consider for the highest quality.