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Why Do Dual Pane Windows Fail And How Can You Repair Them?

by Gaëtan Meunier

Dual pane windows are preferred by many homeowners, since they offer better insulation and energy savings compared to traditional single pane windows. These windows work by having a cushioning layer of gas, usually argon, between the two sealed glass panes. Dual pane windows are durable, but occasionally damage can occur that necessitates repair. Knowing what can go wrong and how to fix it can help you make the right choice about your windows.

Common Causes of Failure

Insulated dual pane windows are generally fairly resilient, but occasionally failure occurs. The first sign of trouble is usually condensation between the glass panes, which indicates a leak has occurred. Not only is the condensation unsightly, it also means your windows aren't insulating as well.

Failures that occur within the first few months after installation are usually because of an installation error – either the windows were damaged at installation or they were put into the frame properly. Your window company will usually offer a free replacement.

Older windows that fail may do so because the seal has given out or because of outside damage. For example, slamming a window closed can damage the seal. Seal damage is the main cause of double pane window issues.

Repair Methods

There are two main repair methods for double pane windows – defogging and pane replacement.

Defogging is done by drilling a small hole in the glass and injecting a cleaning solution between the panes. Once the solution evaporates, a special vent is applied over the hole so moisture can't get in again. The argon gas, which was between the panes to provide additional insulation, is long gone because it escaped when the seal first failed. There is still air trapped between the glass, so the windows will still have an insulation value above that of basic single pane windows.

Pane replacement works well if you want to maintain the original insulation value, but don't want to foot the bill for the full cost of a replacement window. The damaged glass is removed, and new glass is fitted into the frame. You save since you do not have to purchase replacement frames. Replacement is an especially good option for divided or multi-pane windows where only one pane has failed.

Repair is a viable and affordable alternative to replacement when it comes to your double pane windows. Talk with a local window contractor to determine if defogging or pane replacement will work for your windows and budget.

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