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Talking About Glass

Beveled Glass Replacement

by Gaëtan Meunier

If you wish to redefine your living space, then you probably have considered glass replacement. Giving your windows a new look can have an impact on the entire look of your house. You also get a feeling of freshness. However, the new glass you intend to install should coincide with the existing decor. Beveled glass should be considered as an option.

Why choose beveled glasses?

They are one of a kind and their periphery cut forms an angle. The angles act as prisms which makes them similar to a rainbow. This brings different colors to your house when sunlight passes through. Conventional glasses will still bring light to your room but don't have this spectrum of refracted light.

In order to get the desired spectrum, the beveled glasses are tailored in various clusters. Customers also get a complex design from beveled glasses that have been incorporated in colored and plain glasses. With the help of a glass cutter, such as Ryan's All-Glass, this glasses can be custom made for your personal taste. The automated machines give smoother surfaces than the handmade ones. This means that after a glass replacement, the residential area will have a modern look.

Old glasses in lamps, clocks, doors and windows have been replaced by beveled glasses to give them an attractive look. However, the common misconception is that, these glasses are more fragile than the conventional glasses and are bound to break when cleaning. Beveled glasses are just like any other glasses and when they fall they will definitely break.

How to clean replaced beveled glasses

The aforementioned misconception has forced most homeowners to neglect their beveled glasses when cleaning the house. Not cleaning your glasses will limit the potential of adding a splendid décor to your home. Here are directions to keep in mind when cleaning them. Adhering to these steps will enhance the dispersion of sunlight.

  • Remove objects around the glass like furniture or curtains.
  • Have plenty of soap water in a bucket or bowl. To clean the glasses, make sure you use a high quality cloth that is made up of microfibers. Dip the cloth in the soap mixture then clean the glass from top to bottom. This motions makes the dirt particles sweep down.
  • In order to get the dirt from  the cloth, it is advisable to frequently rinse the cloth.
  • For newly replaced glass, it is important not to scrub them hard since you might end up breaking them or making them loose.
  • After the glass is clean, wipe the water off with a dry cloth.