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Talking About Glass

Why Should I Repair My Windshield Rock Chip?

by Gaëtan Meunier

If you get a small rock chip in your windshield, you might be thinking you could get away with not repairing it. However, even if you do, you're missing out on some key benefits of repairing rock chips in your windshield. Here are some points in the case for repairing rock chips. 

It Prevents Bigger Repair Needs

A quick rock chip repair can be fairly inexpensive and will help to prevent the need for an even more expensive repair. For instance, with a small rock chip, you might be able to do a DIY repair job with a kit or take it to a windshield repair shop for sanding and epoxy application. But, if you let the crack go, and it starts to widen, your best option may be to replace the entire windshield, which can get expensive. 

It Protects the Glass's Structure

Rock chips don't have to go through the entire windshield to affect the structural integrity of your auto glass. The missing glass will place pressure on the surrounding areas, and, in the event of an impact, the rock chipped area may be the first place that the glass starts to fracture. 

Having your windshield shatter can be dangerous for many reasons. If you are in the car and you aren't expecting the windshield to shatter, your face and eyes can be left vulnerable to the breakage. If you are in an accident, and you go through the glass, a weak piece of windshield glass won't slow your momentum as it should if you're ejected from the car. 

It May Be Required in Your State

In some states, driving with a broken windshield is illegal and could get you a ticket. Check with your DMV to see your local regulations; it might be worth the costs of auto glass repair in order to avoid getting a citation on your driving record. 

There Are Several Repair Options

Finally, rock chip repair is a good idea because you'll often have several options for auto glass repair in your area. Any are better than nothing when it comes to your safety. If you need to go cheap, it's better than nothing to simply tape over the rock chip to relieve some of the pressure on the cracked glass. You could also consider having your auto glass repair shop sand or score the edges to reduce the additional breakage. There are also glass glues and fillings to try, so speak with an auto glass repair center like Becky's Glass Works about the best options.