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Talking About Glass

Good Reasons To Choose Reflective Glass For Your New Veterinarian Facility

by Gaëtan Meunier

Veterinarian clinic owners have many design choices to make because of the nature of their business. Designing a large clinic for animal medical care, boarding, and grooming services can pose several challenges. One of the most important aspects of your clinic design is the type of glass you choose for the windows. Check out the benefits that reflective, glazed glass can provide for your animal care facility.

Reflective Glass Provides Greater Security

The equipment and other property you may have in your animal care facility can be costly. From large floor scales to rows of stainless cages, your investment in facility equipment is more than likely great. Your newly constructed facility may have strong doors and modern locks, but reducing an intruder's curiosity and temptation is also a good idea. This can be even truer if your facility is located in a city with a high crime rate. Reflective glass not only looks great from the outside, it also blocks the view of inside your facility from passersby.

Helping To Keep Down Your Costs For Energy

Reflective glass works great to reflect the sun's rays, helping you to maintain a cooler facility, especially on hot days. In a medical care facility, the importance of maintaining a constant temperature is vital. When you are dealing with the hot sun shining through the windows of your building, it could mean running your cooling system a lot for maintaining a healthy temperature. However, if you choose reflective glass for your new building's windows, you will have an easier time keeping the interior of it cool. When your cooling system is not working over time, you can save a lot of money for energy. These savings are a huge bonus for an animal clinic that requires a lot of cash for keeping the doors open for business.

Low Light Can Be Soothing To Your Animal Patients And Their Owners

When you have an animal that is frightened, bright glaring through windows can be detrimental. If an animal feels exposed because of the bright light, he or she will have a harder time calming down for you or their owners. Glaring light can also impact the mood of owners. A low, warm light filtering through reflective glass can be soothing and help everyone in your facility to feel calmer and more at ease.

When making choices about the window glass for your new animal clinic, discussing the advantages of reflective glass with a glass company is a good idea before you make final choices.