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Talking About Glass

Need New Windows? Why Tilt-In Models Are A Great Choice

by Gaëtan Meunier

When your home needs new windows, you may be tempted to go with the traditional double hung model if that is what you previously had.  You can actually put in almost any kind of window that you want if you are looking to change things up.  One type of window you may not have considered is a tilt-in window.  Here are some reasons why they will be a great choice for your house.

Simple To Clean

A big problem with a double hung window is how they can be difficult to clean.  Your best option may be to use a ladder on the side of your home to get access to them, and then remove the screen so you can clean the glass.  A tilt-in window doesn't require you to do this, since the window tilts inward, giving you easy access to each side of the window pane from inside the home.

Easy Maneuverability

Tilt-in windows are easy to maneuver to the exact position that you want them in. They can be opened only a little if you want some ventilation, or open it all the way for a nice breeze.  You are not stuck with it either opened wide of close shut. They work by turning the window's handle to the position that you want, which makes it easy to do with a single hand.  Advanced models even have the option to tilt the window sideways, which can easily direct air into the home.

Energy Efficiency

You can feel at ease knowing that a tilt-in window will provide your home with energy efficiency.  They form a seal that is airtight around your entire window's perimeter.  Once the window is closed, there won't be air seepage around the window frame's edges.  While traditional double hung windows form a tight seal, they won't be nearly as tight as the seal created by a tilt-in window.

Additional Security

When the window is shut, your tilt-in window will be just as secure as any other window.  If you are leaving the window open, you can actually have some additional security features added to a tilt-in window to make it more secure. There are tilt locks that will lock the position of the window, preventing somebody from easily being able to put pressure on the window to open it further.  This can be ideal if you want to leave the windows open while at home and have concerns about the safety of your neighborhood.

For more info about tilt-in windows, speak with a local window contractor, like Alabama Glass Works Inc.