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Talking About Glass

Answering A Couple Of Residential Window Replacement Questions

by Gaëtan Meunier

Deciding to upgrade the windows of your home can be an excellent way of increasing the energy efficiency of your house as well as its comfort. If you have only recently purchased your first home, replacement windows may not be a topic that you fully understand. By understanding the following couple of questions about window replacements, you will find that you are in a better position to be an informed and responsible homeowner.

How Can You Tell If Your Windows Need To Be Replaced?

There are some homeowners that may not be aware of the various types of damage and wear that can compromise the performance of their windows. For example, it is possible for the performance of the windows to gradually decline as they age due to the frame warping. This warping can occur due to moisture seeping into the frame. When this type of damage occurs, small gaps will be created between the frame and the house, which can allow the hot or cold air from the outside to enter your home. If you have started to notice small gaps forming between the frame and your house, you should contact a contractor as soon as possible. They will be able to determine if these gaps are small enough to be repaired or if the entire window needs to be replaced.

Does It Matter What Time Of Year You Have The Windows Replaced?

It is commonly assumed by some homeowners that replacing their windows is something that they should only do during the summer months. This belief may stem from the idea that the windows will be missing for an extended period of time, which can allow cold air into the home. Fortunately, this is far from the case, and you can have replacement windows installed during any time of the year. During this upgrade, the window will only be missing for a few minutes before the new one is put into place. Additionally, it may be possible to seal off the area where the window is being replaced to further minimize the amount of cold winter air that makes it into your home.

Choosing to have replacement windows installed can provide your home with a number of important benefits. In particular, realizing that this upgrade can repair the drafts that may have started to form and that it is possible to have this work done during the winter months will make it easier for you to make sound choices about having this project done to your house.