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Talking About Glass

Answers To Your Questions About Winter Auto Glass Replacement

by Gaëtan Meunier

A cracked windshield in winter can be stressful, especially if you live somewhere that experiences lots of winter ice and snow. The best choice is to have it repaired immediately. Otherwise, moisture can work its way into the crack and cause it to expand. This then compromises the safety of the windshield. The following answers can help you navigate a winter windshield replacement.

Can it be too cold to replace a windshield?

No. Most glass replacement techs have a heated garage in which to work. The adhesive used to hold in the windshield has a safe dry time. This time varies depending on the temperature and the type of adhesive. Your tech will hold your vehicle until the adhesive has had time to cure to a safe stage. They will advise you of this dry time when you drop off your car.

Is it possible to have a mobile replacement?

This depends. If conditions are dry and above freezing, you may be able to get mobile service. This is even more true if the car will be parked in a garage or covered parking area for some time after the repair. Once again, safe adhesive dry times must be considered. A mobile repair is not a good option if the temperature at the repair location will be too low for the adhesive to fully cure and dry before you need to drive the vehicle.

Does the new windshield need any special care during the winter?

Heavy snow can harm the seal on the windshield for the first few days after installation. This is because that although the adhesive has cured enough to drive the car safely, it may not be fully cured. It's best to park the car under cover for the first few days after installation, especially if snow is predicted. If this isn't possible, at least brush the snow off regularly so it doesn't build up on the windshield.

Are there any other new windshield care requirements that are specific to winter?

You can prolong the life of your new windshield by treating it properly. When defrosting the windshield, start with the fan on low and gradually turn it up as the temperature in the car rises. This prevents the shock of hot air hitting an ice-cold windshield. Also, only use plastic ice scrapers to clear the glass – metal can cause scratches. Finally, avoid driving too closely behind other vehicles if gravel or sand is placed on the roads for traction – a small rock can shatter a windshield.

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