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A Damaged Windshield Is More Than Just A Cosmetic Problem

by Gaëtan Meunier

If you have a cracked windshield, you might be wondering whether you really need to get it fixed right away. The answer depends on a lot of factors – large cracks and cracks that obstruct your vision are bigger safety hazards than small passenger-side chips, for instance. But there are some good reasons to get even minor damage fixed as quickly as you can; act quickly, and you might be able to repair the glass rather than needing to replace the windshield completely.


Not every chip or crack means replacing your windshield – many problems can be repaired, instead. However, the longer damage to the windshield is left alone, the more it grows; chips lead to cracks, and cracks spread across the glass. Glass repairs are most effective on smaller cracks and chips, so if the damage spreads too far, replacement may end up as your only option. Contact a local outlet, such as Premiere Glass And Mirror, for further assistance.


Another problem with leaving a chip or crack for too long is that dirt can get into it. Auto glass is repaired by injecting clear resin into the damaged area, and for this to work properly, the area should be as clean as possible. Getting your glass checked out quickly increases the chances that resin repair will be effective. If the damage isn't in an area that blocks your vision, consider putting some clear tape over it to protect it in the time leading up to your auto glass appointment.


Don't underestimate the effect a crack can have on how well you see out your windshield. Any chips or cracks that are in your main field of vision while driving should be considered safety hazards and fixed as soon as possible. While you may think you can simply focus your eyes past the crack and see fine, it is still a distraction; if it takes you even a second longer to notice something happening in front of you, that could be the difference between hitting the brakes and hitting the back of another car.

Structural Integrity

It's probably the worst-case scenario you can imagine: your windshield shattering in what would have been a minor accident, sending glass everywhere. Well, luckily, auto glass manufacturers have put in a lot of safeguards to prevent your windshield from becoming a hazard. Windshields are made from laminated glass, which means the glass itself is sandwiched around a polymer interlayer, holding it in place even when fractured.

There is an important way in which a seriously cracked windshield could be a problem in an accident, however. In many airbag designs, the airbag pushes against the windshield when deployed. You then have a protective cushion (the airbag) in front of a solid barrier (the dashboard and windshield). If the windshield breaks during the accident or from the force of the airbag deploying, the solid part of the barrier is compromised, and the airbag is less effective.